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Shingwedzi – Proven breeding bull

Whether the market is up or down, one thing remains constant and that is Shingwedzi’s breeding ability. Shingwedzi is proving to breed with exceptional prepotency. The consistency of superb offspring produced by Shingwedzi, whose solid genetic make-up has been moulded together by his sire J66 and grandsire Gabriel, is proof of his unique and sought-after breeding value. Shingwedzi is proving to breed both outstanding sons as well as outstanding daughters. The most impressive sons’ full sisters, are also the most impressive daughters.

Some of his sons are: Lebombo 49"+ SCI 140", Numbi 49"+ SCI 127", Letaba 47 2/8"+ SCI 123", Tshokwane 46 7/8"@4y2w, Sandringham 46 11/16"+, Mafunga 46 5/8"@59months, Komati 46 3/8"@4y, Nwanetsi 45 3/8"@4y, Rowland 45 2/8"@4y, Muheri 43 11/16"@4y, to name a few. His daughters are also awesome with Singita 40 6/8” SCI 96 2/8"@7y, Savannah 38"+@6y, Jane 38"@6y, to name a few.

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