Auction Invitation

Dear Fellow Game Breeders

Hereby an invitation to our “no reserve” Classic Game Breeders catalogue game auction on 2 June 2017. Venue will be announced soon.

We have put some of our best buffalo cows pregnant from 48 4/8 inches ”Shingwedzi”, all self-bred, on this auction, to ensure any buyer will be very satisfied with how these animals breed and how their offspring perform.
We have been breeding disease free buffalo for the last 16 years out of the best Lowveld genetics. We have a clean disease free record for the past 16 years, with never any animals testing positive for either Foot and mouth disease, Corridor disease, Tuberculosis or Brucellosis.

Through accurate record keeping, meticulous selection of dam bloodlines and the use of superior breeding bulls from the beginning, we could maintain constant genetic improvement. This resulted in the breeding of buffalo bulls with very strong breeding prepotency in regards to horn and body size.

Another trait bred into our bloodline is continuous horn growth until an advanced age, especially in the bulls, which is essential for wider horns. Shingwedzi’s horns are still growing faster than the wearing down rate, to measure 48 4/8 inchs at 10 years, where he measured 48 inches at 8 years old. Tornado’s horns are still growing faster than their wearing down rate at 11 years old measuring 49 1/8 inches after measuring 48 inches at 8 years. This being the case even though the buffalo bulls are constantly wearing down their horns against trees, stumps, rocks and any other hard objects, as is true to their nature.

Three of the cows are in an advanced state of pregnancy from 48 4/8 inches “Shingwedzi”. Buffalo cow 7L9 has just given birth to a big, strong bull calf from “Shingwedzi”.


Shingwedzi is proving to breed both outstanding sons as well as outstanding daugthers. The most impressive sons full sisters are also the most impressive daughters.

Shingwedzi’s son, Lebombo had a Spread of 40 3/8” with a SCI of 120 4/8” (88+16 ¼+16 ¼) at exactly 3 years 10 months of age.

Shingwedzi’s daughters are the ones with the red tags. Some of them measured more than 30 inches at 2 years 6 months of age.

Shingwedzi’s daughter, Savannah at 4years 6 months, measured 35 2/8”.

Shingwedzi’s daugther, Singita measured 33 4/8” at 3yrs 6 months of age.

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